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Download (last update: 24/01/2012)

Here you can get the latest iPass Open Mobile Client software for your system. For further questions please use the available user guides and price list below or you can send us your concern to ipass@drachenfels.de.

iPass Software

Operating System Version Download

iPass Open Mobile Client *new*:
Windows (XP, Vista, Win7) 2.1.3 Download
Mac OSX (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion) 2.1.0 Download
Mac OSX ( (Snow) Leopard ) 1.2 Download
Android and iOS Please request per mail

iPass Hotspot Finder: ipass.com

iPass Price List Download

iPass manual (pdf)

Operating System Version Download
Windows User Guide 2.1.x Download
Release Notes 2.1.3 Download
Mac OSX User Guide 2.1 Download
Release Notes 2.1 Download
User Guide 1.2 Download
Release Notes 1.2 Download
Android Quick Start 2.4 Download
Release Notes 2.4 Download
iOS Quick Start 2.2 Download
  Release Notes 2.2 Download
Supported MBB devices TWWA Download